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UK Credit Card

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Credit Card Balance Transfers New Purchases Typical
HSBC Credit Card
HSBC Credit Card
0% for 15 months 0% for 3 months 16.9% APR (variable) Apply For a HSBC Credit Card
Barclaycard Simplicity Credit Card
Barclaycard Simplicity Credit Card
7.9% on all balance transfers 7.9% on all purchases

7.9% APR

Apply For a Barclaycard Simplicity Credit Card
Amex Platinum Cashback Card
Amex Platinum Cashback Card
N/A 0% for 6 months (1.25% cashback on virtually everything you buy) 18.5% APR (variable) Apply for a Amex Platinum Cashback Card
BA Amex Credit Card
BA Amex Credit Card
N/A N/A 19.9% APR (variable) Apply For a Virgin Credit Card

Compare Credit Cards

interest free credit cardsThe credit card industry is completely saturated with over 60 companies all offering credit cards at differing rates of interest which can be applied for and accepted on depending on the individual's credit rating score. With the current economic climate, many credit card companies are offering bad credit credit cards, as many people have over spent in the past and now are unable to pay back what they own. Here are UK Credit Card we are able to offer you a very good comparison on the best credit and bad credit cards on the market for you to apply for and hopefully get accepted. Many people like to chop and change their credit cards and often use 0% balance transfer credit cards to help them keep down the repayments and keep the interest low so they do not actually pay back the payment. This is something we at UK Credit Card to do recommend as we realize all credit borrowed must be borrowed responsibly. If you are looking for the best credit cards on the market we have all the credit cards to compare with differing rates to suit most applications. Please remember that all applications are based on credit ratings and there is no guarantee you will be granted a credit card. From 0% cards to balance transfer credit cards, whatever you are looking for we have it to compare on our site. Please browse through our different sections on the site and click the APPLY NOW button once you have found the one you want.

0% Interest Credit Cards

credit cards ukOver 45 million credit cards are used in the UK. Figures estimate that there are over 750,000 outlets alone in the UK where you can use your credit cards, so the demand for them has increased. One of the first credit cards in the UK was Barclaycard. Provided from Barclays Bank, this card is still going strong today, offering great rates of interest dependent on your credit rating score. Originally you could only get a credit card from a bank but nowadays there are well over 60 companies offering cards with over 1500 different types of cards available. If you are looking for a best balance transfer credit cards or best business credit cards, here at UK credit Card we offer a great range of cards for you to compare with. With business cards you will get great rates of interest as the card is used for business rather than personal circumstances whereas, bad credit cards are best suited for people with poor or low credit ratings to get them back on the credit ladder.

Cheap Credit Cards

balance transfer credit cardsMany people are struggling at the moment with their finances and finding it hard to make ends meet. The credit crunch has hit the country hard and people are looking at ways to raise extra cash for emergencies, holidays and Christmas. With the ways the economic climate is means people are finding it hard to get credit card with low interest rates and are ending up with poor credit credit cards. There are benefits to this however, if you can maintain your payments on a high interest card every month and pay it off completely, your credit rating will increase and will allow you to apply for better rates on cards. If you are merely looking around at the moment for a credit card why not have a look at our top 10 credit cards section on the site. Here we give you all the information you need about the rates and charges of the best cards on the market. We can supply you with the top personal use cards or even the best student credit cards for your time at university.

UK Credit Cards

credit cards for bad creditHere at UK Credit Cards, we offer the best comparison in 0% credit cards to credit cards for students. So whatever you are looking for we can help you find the perfect credit card to fit within your requirements and needs. Being smart and understanding your credit rating will put you in a great position when applying for interest free credit cards. People with great credit ratings will obviously be in a better position to apply for a 0% credit cards or cards that offer interest free for a period of time. Historically, the best provider that offers this deal is Capital One. These sorts of cards are great for people to get back on their feet and sort out their finances. Credit cards also offer great rewards schemes if you use them often, like providing air miles, cash back and free insurance.

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